Rapidly Enabling Remote Workers in Time of Crisis

In times of crisis, organizations need to respond quickly. A global health emergency like COVID-19 demands that companies and government agencies switch to remote work literally overnight to ensure operational continuity. But such transition is often challenging and has many limitations.

This guide for CIOs & CISOs outlines the five steps to enabling remote workers in time of crisis:

  • Rapidly enable remote work to ensure continuity of operations.
  • Identify which services are externally hosted or can be rapidly configured for external access to provide basic communications fast.
  • Customize remote worker roles, application shortcuts, auditing, data transfer policies, web category filtering, and other options in the Silo administration portal.
  • Install the Silo application on end-user devices to provide access to employer services while segregating data from the local device and enforcing security policies.
  • Direct personnel to use Silo for all employer-related web browsing and web applications, such as Office 365.
Download this guide to learn what Silo can do to help your weather the current storm and set up solid security practices for the future.

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