Learn 2020 malware trends and cyber threat intelligence best practices

Adversaries are continuously honing their skills, planning for their next attack. How to stay one step ahead? The right framework prepares you, the latest data empowers you, and the right tools enable you.

In this on-demand webinar, you will hear from SANS instructor Jake Williams (@MalwareJake), Google Cloud and Authentic8 as they discuss and demo these 3 key elements of malware threat intelligence.

3 things you'll learn:

  • How malware threat intelligence best practices are evolving
  • 2020 malware trends - hear what the bad guys are up to
  • Practical tips and techniques to safely access and analyze suspicious or malicious content


Speaker Bios

Jake Williams
Jake Williams is a SANS analyst, senior SANS instructor, course author and designer of several NetWars challenges for use in SANS' popular, "gamified" information security training suite. Jake spent more than a decade in information security roles at several government agencies, developing specialties in offensive forensics, malware development and digital counterespionage. Jake is the founder of Rendition InfoSec, which provides penetration testing, digital forensics and incident response, expertise in cloud data exfiltration, and the tools and guidance to secure client data against sophisticated, persistent attacks on-premises and in the cloud.

Amir Khashayar Mohammadi
Amir Khashayar Mohammadi designs security systems and creates content as a Cybersecurity Specialist at Authentic8, with a focus on malware analysis, cryptanalysis, web exploitation, and other cyber-attack vectors. A Computer Science and Engineering major, he likes to write blogs, conduct vulnerability research, and work on automation projects.

Svetla Yankova
Svetla was one of the first people to join Chronicle, the Alphabet project created to provide Google-scale solutions to Cybersecurity. She currently leads Google Cloud Security Customer Engineering and is responsible for multiple products including Chronicle, VirusTotal, Recaptcha and new Beyond Corp offerings. She is also the head VirusTotal Librarian, since nobody else has claimed that title. Svetla has a Computer Science background and her experience spans Application Development, Cloud and Security.

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