White paper

Reduce Cybersecurity Risk and Costs Associated with Online Fraud Research

Fraud investigators in financial services and law enforcement, who conduct anti-fraud investigations online, are considered most at risk of web-borne exploits and attacks.

While IT can mitigate some exposure to threats, thorough investigations require access to unknown and potentially unsafe websites and files. This leaves a security gap that can result in data breaches, fines, class action, lawsuits, and other risks.

This guide explains how and why outsourcing the risk with a compliance-ready, web isolation solution has emerged as a viable alternative to DIY investigation platforms. To do their job productively, analysts require a secure remote browser with the following capabilities:

  • Anonymous, private, isolated environment
  • Integrated encrypted storage for capturing files and screenshots without changing workflow
  • Central policies for how the web is accessed and the browser features they can access
  • Audit logs encrypted with customer-managed keys