The Billion Dollar Security Blanket:
How Security Spending Overlooks the Biggest Risk of All

Transform the web browser from a critical vulnerability to an integrated enterprise application.

Every year, organizations spend nearly $1,200 on cybersecurity for every employee – a figure that rises even higher in vastly regulated industries. Yet these same organizations allow web browsers on workstations to view, download, process, and render data inside the very networks they are so diligently trying to protect.

Matt Ashburn

Matt Ashburn, a former CIA Cyber Security Officer and director on the National Security Council, examines why organizations still suffer from breaches– often using simple but effective tactics like phishing. In this paper, he reveals how a web isolation platform can prevent web-based threats, allowing SOCs to reclaim valuable time and transforming enterprise endpoint security to eliminate advanced adversaries.

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“For many organizations, cloud browsing is the final puzzle piece to completing a true zero trust architecture. “
- Matt Ashburn, former National Security Council member