The Billion Dollar Security Blanket:
How Security Spending Overlooks the Biggest Risk of All

Transform the web browser from a critical vulnerability to an integrated enterprise application

Cyber security spending is approaching $200 billion per year, with no end in sight.  Adversaries remain successful despite additional technology, increased spending, and new risk frameworks-- but why?  The answer-- and a novel solution-- is simple in hindsight.

Matt Ashburn, a former CIA Cyber Security Officer and director on the National Security Council, examines why organizations still suffer from breaches– often using simple but effective tactics like phishing. In this paper, he reveals how a web isolation platform can prevent web-based threats, allowing SOCs to reclaim valuable time and transforming enterprise endpoint security to eliminate advanced adversaries.


Also discussed on the podcast, The CIO Guide to Rapidly Enabling Remote Workers in Time of Crisis.


Silo for Safe Access (Cloud Browser) is a web browsing solution that enables access to untrusted web content — from anywhere, on any device — without introducing risk to your corporate infrastructure, while enforcing granular policy controls:

  • Isolate Remote Workers on Unmanaged Devices
  • Sandbox Unknown URLs
  • Segregate Personal Browsing

Silo executes all web code in a secure, isolated environment that is managed by policy, to provide protection and oversight.

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