Authentic8 AML e-Book

Reactive AML Strategies Don’t Work. It’s Time to Be Proactive!

Download a copy of the Compliance Week e-book to improve your anti-money laundering program.

Reactive AML practices are ineffective and often very expensive. What’s needed to combat a growing problem of money laundering is a collection of proactive AML programs, with staff actively looking for potential perpetrators, and using all available tools and resources to uncover the truth and expose criminal activity.

A proactive AML practitioner does more than deter, detect and report suspicious activity. They stop money laundering by actively monitoring transactions, blocking illicit activity, closing accounts, and exposing questionable relationships between parties.

Download the new e-book to learn more about what tools and techniques are available to AML researchers to be successful and productive in their craft. Here’s a preview of what you will find from the Compliance Week publishers and Authentic8 experts:

  • If we hope to ever find, confront, and deter money launderers, we need to move to more proactive AML programs
  • Regulators are issuing reminders to financial institutions to keep an eye on accounts of foreign officials
  • Federal banking rules clarify BSA/AML violation penalties
  • Authentic8’s survey reveals that majority of AML researchers are not adequately equipped for their mission
  • Practical tips on using smartphones to detect fraud
  • A Swedish bank shares their first-hand account of getting fined for insufficient AML controls