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Law enforcement looks to improve identification and prosecution of money launderers with new regulation

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Anti-money laundering regulations are gaining teeth with an aim to help law enforcement improve the identification and prosecution of money launderers. That also means the compliance burden on the private sector just got heavier.

Download the new e-book to learn more about what tools and techniques are available to AML researchers to be successful and productive in their craft and keep up with regulations. Here’s a preview of what you will find from the Compliance Week publishers and Authentic8 experts:

  • New FinCEN regulations and BSA provisions aim to thwart money launderers, fraud and terrorism funding
  • AML and KYC-related fines to financial institutions top $10 billion in 2020
  • If we hope to ever find, confront, and deter money launderers, we need to move to more proactive AML programs
  • Federal banking rules clarify BSA/AML violation penalties
  • Authentic8’s survey reveals that majority of AML researchers are not adequately equipped for their mission
  • Regulators reinforce rules for monitoring foreign officials’ accounts