Findings From the 2020 Global Financial Crime Investigations Survey

Authentic8 conducted an in-depth survey of financial crime, fraud and AML investigators from more than 150 organizations worldwide. While financial crime and fraud activity are on the rise, we asked investigators if they felt equipped for success.

Authentic8's Jeff Phillips, author of the survey, and Nick Finnberg, OSINT training lead and former financial crime analyst, share the surprising results, discuss key take-aways from the survey, and recommend best practices for increasing productivity.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Top challenges for financial fraud and AML investigators conducting online research
  • How your case output trends as compared to your peers
  • What today’s online investigations look like in terms of geographic regions, number of websites and hours of research
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“Silo allows you to go into the dark and deep web, including forums and market places, all from your own machine. There is no need to have a dirty machine, etc., because you are protected by Authentic8.” — Global Security Company Fraud Operations Lead


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