Collect evidence without tipping off adversaries or endangering the mission

As cyberthreats and adversaries continue to evolve, it’s becoming ever more risky to conduct investigations using the open, deep and dark web. These dangers appear in many forms and are mostly facilitated by the commercial web browser and its built-in means to track users for advertising and other innocent purposes.

Now more than ever, your online activity is tracked, monitored and brokered for a variety of reasons. Tracking mechanisms can uncover investigators’ intent and identity, potentially spoil investigations, and even enable retaliation by criminals.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • How your investigations can be put at risk
  • Methods to work smarter (and safer), not harder
  • How to safely access untrusted websites without infecting your agency
  • Why you should care about the dark web and how to access it

Register for the webinar with Authentic8’s strategic initiatives team where they’ll dive deep into the dangers of using a traditional internet browser and how to keep your investigations safe. Learn how Authentic8’s online investigation solution, Silo for Research, protects investigators as they research the open, deep and dark web:

  • Conduct online investigations with a secure, anonymous and cloud-based browsing interface
  • Blend in with average site visitors to prevent tipping off suspects
  • Improve caseload productivity with an integrated toolset for efficient data capture, analysis, storage and collaboration
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