Law Enforcement Handbook: How to Identify and Investigate Drug Dealers on Social Media


See how Silo for Research helps law enforcement securely conduct online investigations by isolating risk, concealing their identities and intelligently handling collected evidence.

Conduct Secure and Anonymous Drug Dealer Investigations on Social Media

Social media keeps us connected, but it has also become a popular platform for drug dealers to sell their illicit merchandise. To track down the dealers and bring them to justice, law enforcement agents need a safe and anonymous browsing and research framework which allows them to investigate dealers’ activities without the risk of being exposed or introducing cyber risks to their network.

Silo for Research (Toolbox) helps investigators isolate risk, conceal their identities and securely collect, store and share evidence. This handbook also details other research tools to help investigators find out who owns a particular site, where it’s hosted and zero in on the real identity of the seller.

Download the handbook to learn:

  • Which social media research tools are most effective when investigating drug-related activity
  • What the pitfalls of using “dirty” infrastructures to conduct investigations on the dark web
  • How investigators use Silo for Research to safely capture data on drug dealers on social media