How a web isolation platform can transform secure online research


100% Isolation to Access and Analyze Suspicious Content

The Silo Web Isolation Platform separates the things you care about like apps, data and devices, from the things you cannot trust like external websites, external users and unmanaged devices. Silo executes all web code in a secure, isolated environment that is managed by policy, to provide protection and oversight.

Silo for Research (Toolbox) is a secure and anonymous web browsing solution that enables users to conduct research, collect evidence and analyze data across the open, deep and dark web.

  • Full Isolation
  • Complete Audit Oversight
  • Managed Attribution

“Silo was needed as a secure solution for analysts to conduct sensitive research, without constantly worrying about attribution and signature reduction.” - Administrator in Security and Investigations (G2 verified customer quote)

21 OSINT Tools for Cyber Threat Intelligence
To help you investigate the vast expanses of the open, deep, and dark web, Authentic8 engineers curated a list of the 21 most widely used Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) research tools for cybersecurity researchers, analysts, and other security professionals.

The guide provides a brief overview of each tool, URL, supporting image, and an overview on how to use the tool.


Silo for Safe Access (Cloud Browser) is a web browsing solution that enables access to untrusted web content — from anywhere, on any device — without introducing risk to your corporate infrastructure, while enforcing granular policy controls:

  • Isolate Remote Workers on Unmanaged Devices
  • Sandbox Unknown URLs
  • Segregate Personal Browsing

CIO Guide: Rapidly Enabling Remote Workers in a Time of Crisis

This guide for CIOs & CISOs outlines the five steps to enabling remote workers in time of crisis.


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